Firstnet is the only data centre offering workplace disaster recovery in Leeds.

Unlike many first-generation data centres, we also offer a complete managed service wrap around. This means should your hardware ever fail, we are at hand to completely reinstall, recover your data (immediately available) and get you up and running in no time at all. How would you cope if your premises – and IT infrastructure – were affected by another major flood, fire or other possible tragedy which prevented your staff from getting to work possibly for weeks?. If you think some could operate from home or use the local burger bar Wi-Fi, then think again. Insurers are known to withhold pay-outs where disaster recovery plans are proved to be inadequate or non-existent.

Now consider the peace of mind that Firstnet offers. The Firstnet Availability Service provides your team with a home-from home, or office-from-office facility within our highly secure building. Everything needed is ready to switch on from networked PCs (with all operating systems, and all familiar applications), to phones, desks, shower rooms and kitchens at hand. State of the art , luxurious offices with break out areas, meeting and board rooms are readily available. Shopping, restaurants and hotels are within a very short distance.. Your customers wouldn’t even notice a difference.

You’d eliminate a costly contingency plan and replace it with an insurer-approved recovery plan. Whatever time of day, our IT team would be on hand to get you on your feet fast

If you received a phone call that your premises were on fire, in flood, inaccessible due to a police operation or other emergency, wouldn’t you sleep better knowing your entire operation can be cost effectively switched into alternative Leeds premises and live within hours not days or weeks? Can you afford to take the risk? After all, autumn and winter are on the way!

Call or email us now for free, friendly, experienced advice. We will make sure your business is risk-free.

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