Replicate all your essential IT infrastructure in a high security environment at ours
without the high cost or long lead-in times of developing your own. It’s completely
scalable so you can easily add to the amount of space needed when needed.

Unlike some first-generation data centres, we also offer a managed service wrap. That means if your hardware should ever fail, we can be on hand to install replacement equipment even before you arrive at the data centre.

Our colocation solution includes manned 24/7 security, fire detection, state of the art cooling technology, A-B power feeds and a UPS backed system.

We offer several solutions based on capacity needs ranging from private lockable racks to private caged areas with bespoke security.

The two critical factors in colocation selection are connectivity and power. Firstnet has partnered over nine carriers with diverse routes into our data centre to ensure unlimited connectivity to our customers. By investing in diverse fibre duct infrastructure service providers can easily interconnect to our data centre.

Security is not the only 24/7 manned service here; we have technical staff on hand round the clock to allow immediate access and support for your infrastructure.