The cloud is your data, software and essential systems somewhere else. As these items
are perhaps your most valuable asset it makes sense to ensure that the ‘somewhere
else’ is resilient, secure and 24/7 accessible.

Our infrastructure platform uses enterprise class software from Nutanix. No one else in the North of England offers this level of speed and security. It enables you to combine private and public cloud technology in a way that is scalable and flexible, simplifying infrastructure management, and providing a level of robustness, visibility and control that makes your journey to the cloud seamless.

When you move from silos of dedicated compute, storage and networking infrastructure to a hyper converged one, you’ll notice a significant difference to the speed at which applications can be deployed and scaled without limit. This future proofs your IT infrastructure to be able to run any workload at any scale integrating server, storage, virtualisation and networking in one hyper converged platform.

Nutanix is where the cloud goes next. We chose it because we can enable you start from just three servers and grow at your own pace to any level. It’s simple to use, offering one click deployment, provisioning, scaling and troubleshooting, you only pay for the IT you need as you need it. It eliminates technology lock in and enables applications to be decoupled. It’s the perfect data protection and disaster recovery model.

  • Time for IT innovation
  • Lower TCO
  • Limitless scalability
  • Fast time to value
  • Small footprint